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Interracial Relationships -- 11 Success Tips PDF  | Print |  E-mail
The beauty of our modern culture is in its diversity.  People of all races and origins share neighbourhoods, workplaces, classrooms and homes. We are able to exchange ideas and learn more about other cultures than earlier generations were able to. The result is a more harmonious world that's becoming increasingly tolerant of cultural diversity.  

All couples involved in romantic unions can be called to face difficulties from time to time, but mixed race couples can encounter particularly challenging issues.  Like any relationship, facing these challenges and creating solutions enables couples to build their overall strength of their relationship.  Finding strength in each other provides a security that will endure the toughest of conflicts.

An interracial relationship is the union of two people from different cultural backgrounds.  If you are in a mixed-raced or interracial relationship, your background may very different from that of your partner.  Of course, as the relationship progresses, your partner will be eager to involve you in his or her cultural traditions.  You will be experiencing new traditions and meeting new people.  This is where anxiety can develop and the potential for conflict can arise.  It's always exciting to meet your partner's family for the first time, but when your knowledge of their language or lifestyle is limited, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable, or concerned about whether they will accept you into the family.

The following suggestions can help you when meeting people of a different background:

1. Try your best to communicate clearly.  There may be a language barrier, but your friendly tone and expressions can speak volumes.  Remember, these are the people who helped to raise the person you've fallen in love with.  Express your happiness to meet them, and communicate to the best of your abilities.  Your efforts will solidify the bond between you and your partner.

2.  Learn about the other culture.  This can help you when trying to become more involved in your partner's life.  Learn about their traditions.  Show your interest in their social customs, but don't be overbearing or phony.

3.  Focus on your similarities.  In meeting and talking to new people, you'll always find similarities, regardless of ethnicity or culture.  Keep and open mind and don't be afraid to share your interests and opinions.  You may find that you're a lot more alike than you initially thought.  The fact that you are ethnically or culturally different should not affect your ability to connect.  You and your partner have already proven that different races can come together beautifully.  It's true that mixed race couples can face unique challenges, but it's certainly no reason to give up too easily.  It takes effort to make any relationship last.  

4. Define the kind of relationship you want and need.  If this union offers everything you need, then remind yourself that it's worth maintaining.  Be happy and true to yourself, and to your partner.

5.  Stay confident in your decision to pursue an interracial relationship.  You went into the partnership feeling in love and invincible.  Keep the feeling alive and you will keep your relationship strong despite the opinions of others.

6. It doesn't matter what other people feel about your relationship.  While it can be difficult to deal with negative comments, especially from people who are important to you, remember that the happiness of you and your partner is all that matters.

7.  Be happy. Starting a new relationship should be the happiest time of your lives.  You are making plans and sharing dreams of what your future will hold.  Do not let other people control your happiness.

8.  Live free and be content.  This is the number one fact of life, regardless of your partner's cultural background, and even if you are not in a relationship at all.  If you are in an interracial relationship, remind yourself that you live in a free country, and have the right to live your life as you choose.  If you choose to be with the person who makes you happy, then you have all the power in the world.

9.  Share your happiness with your family and friends.  Those who love you will love your partner as well.  If you feel the need to hide your relationship, then there are likely bigger problems that need to be dealt with.  Remember, despite any cultural differences that may come in to play, the ultimate happiness of you and your partner should be your number one concern.

10.  Follow your heart.  Countless relationships have been ruined because people analyze too much and ignore what their hearts are telling them.  If you truly love your partner, then go ahead and love him or her freely and without doubt.  Love doesn't give second chances, so follow your heart and take it all the way.

11. Talk to your partner often.  Discuss what makes your relationship strong, and talk about your fears.  This will remind your partner that he or she is loved unconditionally, and will create a closer bond between the two of you.  Encourage your partner to open up and discuss his or her feelings or anxieties.

Love is the most wonderful gift that you can give or receive.  If you have found someone truly special that you can share this magical emotion with, then don't let anyone or anything stand in your way.  Everyone is unique; it's what makes this world such a wonderful place to be.  Prove to yourself and your partner that you are truly and happily in love, and the rest of your world will be happy for you.
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