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Nature can have a really nasty temper.  Recent years have seen a rise in rates of occurrence for torrential storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, a trend than many attribute to the affects of global warming.  Home and property owners need to protect their investments by choosing materials like storm-proof garage doors that can withstand the force of nature.

When inclement weather strikes, garage doors typically suffer the most damage.  Because they are covering a relatively large open space, garage doors are vulnerable to failure under high wind pressure from storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.  When the garage door fails, wind has access to the rest of the home, causing significant damage not only to the vehicles and items stored in the garage, but also to the general home contents.  The resulting damage can cause structural damage to your home.  Unfortunately, the basic importance of having a storm-proof garage door is often overlooked in the planning and structural stages of new home construction.

People who live in storm-prone communities have seen the massive destruction that strong winds can bring, so they have begun to implement active or passive reinforcement systems as added protection for their garage doors.  Passive reinforcement systems are built into the product itself and require no additional construction or activation on the part of the homeowner.  Active systems must be installed manually to reinforce an existing garage door.  Those living in hurricane-prone areas can opt to purchase a garage door reinforcement kit, or install an entirely new door that features a passive reinforcement system.

Full replacement is usually an expensive undertaking, so a storm-proof garage door reinforcement kit may be the best choice for those with limited renovation budgets.  However if security is your first priority, a new garage door with a passive reinforcement system will offer the greatest degree of safety in high wind situations.

If you choose the more cost efficient option of reinforcing your garage door, there are several ways of going about it.  If your door is neither pressure nor impact resistant, install devices such as panels or shutters directly to the door.  In the door is impact resistant but not wind pressure rated, install an approved garage door bracing system to increase the wind pressure resistance.  Check to see if the pressure and impact resistant ratings of the device meet or exceed building code requirements.  Before undergoing the expense and effort to add a garage door bracing, you need to make sure that there is sufficient and relevant documentation that the product has been tested by a certified facility.  It's important to ensure that the device was designed to withstand both positive and negative wind pressure. Contact a reputable supplier of approved garage door bracing systems to help you find the products that are best suited to your individual needs.

Living with Nature isn't always easy, but investing in the right materials, like a storm-proof garage door, can make for a safer, more harmonious co-existence.
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