Cooking Your Own Gourmet Meal
A gourmet meal is characterized as an elegant meal prepared with the best ingredients.

What does it take to create a gourmet meal? Professional chefs have spent many years in culinary schools and then several years after that to hone their skills to perfection. But is it really essential to have years of training and the best kitchens to prepare a gourmet meal?

You may watch the shows on television where chefs from all walks of life prepare gourmet meals. Some have fabulous kitchens and the finest cooking appliances and utensils, and the results are sensational. There are others who have the most basic kitchens and the results are equally marvelous.

There are chefs who will show how easy it is to produce a gourmet meal in minutes. These are chefs who have perfected their skills over years of hands on experience. As a matter of fact, when a cook is just starting out, there is a lot of trial and error, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of really awful results.
There are a lot of courses that are offered to the public on how to make your own gourmet meals. These courses are taught at local colleges and universities as well as private organizations that teach the basics of food preparation. Part of what the courses teach is what food are compatible with different herbs and spices, so when they are back in their own kitchens, they have the needed skills to prepare a gourmet meal with ease.

Chefs in five star restaurants prepare and serve gourmet meals on a daily basis. They have assistant chefs that aid and assist in the tedious tasks of peeling and chopping and take orders from the head chef who then takes all the credit for the preparations.

Can average people create culinary masterpieces that can qualify as gourmet meals? Of course! In kitchens all over the world, one person does all of the preparation of a gourmet meal. They do the peeling and the chopping and the cooking and then receive all the credit for a gourmet meal worthy of an award.

Of course having a degree in culinary arts could ensure a fantastic career, but anyone who has the desire to create a masterpiece can do it.  

Although there is a lot of advertising for top notch appliances, cookware and bake ware, it is not a necessity to have these utensils to make a gourmet meal.

One thing that is needed to create a gourmet meal is the use of quality ingredients. There is no substitution for quality.

A gourmet meal is the invention of a meal from the heart and imagination. Whether it is a classic filet mignon or an elegant crown rack of ribs, a gourmet meal can be prepared in ordinary kitchens around the world.