Discount Conference Calling Providers
In today's global marketplace, it's not unusual for a company to be based in Europe, an affiliate in Asia and a distributor in North America.  With discount conference calling providers, even small operations can keep up with the pace.

Discount Conference Call is a telecommunications company that focuses primarily on bringing together groups of people from around the country, or around the world.  This essential business practitioner offers a wide variety of features including secure passwords, music and chat modes, roll calling, late arrivals, digital recording and question queuing.  They also provide the added benefits of sub-conferences, super secure service, real-time call statistics, budget tone, transcription, and muting control.

*  Passwords:  Secure passwords allow the calling chairperson, active participants and 'listen only' participants to be active in the conference call.

*  Music and Chat: These modes allow early arrivals to either listen to music or chat with each other until the chairperson initiates the call.

*  Roll Calling:  This feature tells the chairperson the names of all participants who are present for the call.

*  Late Arrivals:  Depending on how the host sets this feature, it will either allow or deny those who are late for the call.

*  Digital Recording:  If you'd like to keep the conference call for later review or sharing, you can arrange to have the call digitally recorded and saved for playback or transcription.

*  Question Queuing:  With this feature, "listen only" participants are granted the ability to ask questions, allowing the chairperson and active participants to discuss or answer the questions.

*  Sub-Conferences:  By setting up "mini conferences", the chairperson can visit any or all of these discussions, and then re-establish the primary conference call.

*  Super Secure:  This feature blocks the access of operators who may otherwise monitor the call, and providing added security for sensitive call content.

*  Real-Time Statistics:  The chairperson is given real-time access to the various call statistics, such as the number of participants, number of minutes and the running total cost of the call.

*  Budget Tone:  This tone will sound when the estimated call duration has been reached.

*  Transcription:  Recorded calls are transcribed to hard copy.

*  Muting:  The voices of selected participants, or entire groups of participants, can be muted.

A company called Discount Conference Call is one of the leading providers of these valuable services.  They have excelled in providing customer service and a wide variety of conference calling products and services.  Find out more at the company's website,

This company utilizes fully digital, state of the art conference bridging equipment, and claims that their discount conference calling rates are 50% lower than most competitors, and nearly 70% less than the services provided by AT&T.  Discount Conference Call has 15 years' experience in the voice processing industry, and their equipment is capable of handling over 1,000,000 calls every day.  With an indefinite power backup, Discount Conference Call is able to ensure their customers that no weather-related conditions will keep their calls from taking place, and there will never be a loss of service or lost connection.

Thanks to companies like Discount Conference Call, even the smallest operations can now conduct business on a truly global scale.